5 Hard Facts About Getting Rid Of Acne:

Multi-Step Acne Systems Don't Work:

Multi-Step acne systems made up of creams, cleansers, toners, masks, and sometimes pills were introduced years ago as a way to suck more money out of people who suffer with acne.

The infomercials that sell them promise clear skin, but almost always fail to deliver. If you have acne you've likely tried at least one of these “systems” - ask yourself did it work?

Have you ever met a single person who completely cleared their skin using one these expensive systems? The answer's probably no.

Constant Cleansing Doesn't Work:

Over washing your skin is one of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to get rid of acne.

You don't get acne because of poor hygiene, and you can't wash away acne no matter how hard you try.

The problem with over cleansing is that it dries out your skin and leaves you with a layer of dead skin cells that will clog your pores and make your acne worse!

For the best results stick to cleansing your skin once a day.

Maximum Strength Creams and Cleansers Don't Work:

You're only abusing your skin if you use maximum strength acne products. Your skin is delicate and these products are way too strong.

It's like washing a silk shirt with acid. Stop using maximum strength creams and cleansers immediately.

Holistic Acne Cures And Other Weird Stuff Doesn’t Work:

Some of these are just flat-out bizarre.

We could go on all day about wacky acne cures, but let’s move on...

What About Accutane?

You may have heard about the prescription acne drug called Accutane.

It's considered the last resort for acne and comes with a long list of side effects that range from nose bleeds to suicidal depression, severe birth defects, and blindness.

Yes, this stuff can actually make you go blind!

The drug companies want you to think Accutane is a cure for acne. It's not! Like most drugs Accutane doesn't cure squat, it only hides the problem as long as you take the drug (and suffer the side effects).

As soon as you stop taking the drug...Wham... it's right back to zit city.

If you're sick of living with acne - fed up with products that don't work as advertised - and want to find out how you can get rid of acne fast, take a minute to read this important message...

Why Do You Have Acne? 
The Truth About Why You Break Out, and How To Clear Acne Fast

You have acne for a very simple reason. When you learn the truth about what's making you break out getting rid of acne becomes a quick and painless process.

What you're about to discover might shock you, since one of the secrets to quickly making your acne disappear is to do the exact opposite of what you're likely doing right now.

My job as an online researcher gives me access to parts of the internet not available to the general public.

I can quickly pull up cutting-edge medical and scientific discoveries made by the most brilliant minds in the world.

Most of these breakthroughs aren't even whispered about in the mainstream media because billions of dollars are made by keeping people like you in the dark.

You would be outraged if you knew how many proven cures are available if you know where to look.

Cracking The Acne Code

After trying everything under the sun to get rid of my acne I decided to search for latest acne research and what I found shocked me. I discovered that by doing pretty much the exact opposite of what the acne experts had been telling me to do for the last 7 years I was able to get 100% clear in a couple weeks, with the most rapid improvement happening in the first few days.

My story is not unique.

When I searched through the information about acne that's available on the public internet I found other people using some of the techniques I uncovered.

Their results were impressive. Despite using just one simple technique many of these people were able to significantly reduce, or in some cases completely clear their acne. Even when they weren't doing it exactly right.

Imagine how fast your acne vanish when you use all the steps in my proven acne system.

My system is called the Acne X Factor.

We'll get into the details of how you can quickly clear up even the most stubborn case of acne by using the Acne X Factor in a minute, but first, there are some things you absolutely must avoid if you ever want to have clear skin….

if you're doing any of the following stop immediately!

Stop trying to wash away acne

Trying to wash away acne is like trying to cure cancer by taking a shower. Acne starts inside your body. By the time the pimple has surfaced, you're too late.

Blunt Acne Fact

Acne is a disease. You can't cure a disease with soap and water

Stop using multi-step acne systems

You know the products I'm talking about but won't dare mention for fear of a lawsuit. They tell you to wash your skin with their medicated cleanser - then apply an alcohol-based toner - finally, they have you pile on another medicated cream.

And if that wasn't punishing your skin enough a few even throw in a clay or sulfur mask just to make sure they suck every last drop of moisture out of your skin.

It's a lot of work and it kills your skin.

We've all tried at least one of these multi-step systems so don't feel bad - the way these systems are marketed make you believe the multi-step approach is the answer to your acne prayers when really they're the devil in disguise.

They're expensive, time-consuming, and worst of all turn the top layer of your skin into a graveyard of dead skin cells that will clog your pores and lead to more acne.

Blunt Acne Fact

Assaulting your skin with a barrage of medicated products severely dries out your skin which only leads to more breakouts. Stop using multi-step acne systems immediately

Stop using maximum strength creams and cleansers

Don't treat your skin like a grimy bathroom sink--by piling on the strongest products you can find. Using maximum strength creams and cleansers to get rid of acne is like using bleach to get rid of bad breath - it's overkill. In fact, some of these cleansers are so strong they burn your skin raw.

Blunt Acne Fact

Use a gentle acne cleanser and avoid spot treatment creams altogether

Stop popping zits

Having acne sucks, but having a scarred up face like Freddy Krueger is worse. That's exactly what can happen if you pick at your acne. Popping your zits is the absolute worst thing you can do. It won't help your acne, and it will leave you with lifelong scars.

Resist the urge. Don't pick, pop, or poke at your acne.

Blunt Acne Fact

Acne is temporary. Scars last forever. Keep your freakin' hands off your face!

Stop using herbal remedies and natural cures

When it comes to far out acne cures you name it, and I tried it.

There was the Chinese acne tincture that smelled horrible and colored my skin orange, homeopathic immune system pills, rubbing egg yolk on my face, and creams made from just about every type of plant extract imaginable.

None of these cures are proven, none of them helped my acne, and some even made it worse!

Blunt Acne Fact

Stick to techniques that are proven to get rid of acne -- Which I'll be sharing with you, and you're going to be surprised when you discover how quickly your acne clears up when you use them

Stop believing everything you read on the internet

You know it really makes me sick when I see people who are struggling to get rid of acne being taken advantage of. As great as the internet is, it's also become the tool of choice for anyone looking to scam money out of honest people.

For example one of the best selling online books about how to get rid of acne dishes up the following worthless advice:

“Eat nothing but apples, give yourself a daily enema and your acne will magically disappear in 3 days”

Yeah right. As if eating apples like a horse and shoving a water hose up your butt will give you clear skin in 3 days.

Blunt Acne Fact

Just because it's posted on the internet doesn't mean it's true

No over the counter, or prescription product will permanently get rid of your acne by itself.

Pills, potions, creams, and drugs are not the complete answer to your acne.

Right now we have more over the counter acne products, more acne drugs, and more Dermatologists than ever.

And we have MORE people living with acne.

Think about this... two generations ago stores didn't have skin care sections overflowing with acne products, drugs for acne were almost unheard of, and the only place you would find a Dermatologist specializing in acne was a big city - yet back then acne was rare.

Go ahead and ask your Parents or Grandparents how many people they knew with acne growing up. They'll tell you not many. But today with so many treatments available acne is spreading like wildfire.

It gets worse...

Millions of adults are now plagued with acne. Again this used to be almost unheard of, but today's acne victims are not clearing up after high school. Many live with acne into their 30's!

If you think acne makes it hard to ask someone to a high school dance imagine asking someone to marry you with a face full of zits.

Now you know what Doesn't work. Next, I’ll show you what DOES WORK…

What if I could show you a drug-free way to wipe out acne based on the latest cutting-edge skin care research that gives you jaw-dropping results almost overnight?

Forget about all the other acne cures that have let you down for a moment.

Just imagine for a second..... WHAT IF you could quickly get rid of acne forever.

Believe it or not, you can. In fact, there's a good chance you've accidentally caught a glimpse of just how powerful and effective this system is.

As someone with acne you've probably been through this before - For some unexplained reason you wake up one day and your skin has gotten a lot clearer. I'm talking about serious improvement. The red inflamed zits have cooled down, and smaller pimples have completely vanished!

It's a miracle you think. You start to wonder what you did to trigger this rapid clearing.

Was it something you ate or didn't eat?

Did you drink more water than usual?

Have you been getting more sleep?

Is it because you've been thinking about sex every 10 minutes instead of every 2 minutes like usual?

Is it a new product you're using?

Or have you finally outgrown your acne?

Maybe you were too excited to even care why this was happening, you were just stoked that your acne was rapidly going away!

Sometimes you can teeter on the verge of being 100% clear for weeks before it happens. As quickly as they went away a fresh crop of zits forced their way to the surface of your skin.

It makes you mad as hell knowing it's possible to quickly get clear, but you don't have a clue about how to do it.... until now.

Your Acne Will Start To Disappear Overnight

I'm not kidding -- It starts working that fast...

Some people might read this and think “Yeah Right”. I can understand how some people might stubbornly refuse to believe they really can't get rid of their acne, but I hope you will at least give me chance to prove to you this works.

Everything you've tried up until now has failed to give you clear skin for a very simple reason - it hasn't stopped the source of acne. Your struggles with acne will never end if you don't do what needs to be done to stop your body from making acne.

The Secret To Clear Skin Revealed

Can I let you in a little secret? It might seem obvious, but no one is telling you this...it's not normal for you to have acne. Our bodies are not designed to be covered with big red puss filled lumps. Unless you suffer from a severe hormonal problem or have a rare skin disease you should never suffer from a single zit in your lifetime.

But you do break out, and so do millions of other people. You've been told you're acne comes from bad genetics, puberty, poor hygiene, overactive sex drive, or some other crazy thing but the truth is it's none of those things.

A World Without Acne

Think acne is just one of those things some people have and some people don't? It's not. In certain parts of the world, acne doesn't even exist! Here you'll find people just like you and me who go through puberty, menopause, and everything else we've blamed for our acne, and never see a single zit.

One curious doctor went on a quest to find out their secret. What he uncovered spits in the face of everything we've been told about preventing acne. In this land, without acne you won't find....

What's their secret? I call it the Acne X Factor…

When you use the Acne X Factor you'll be shutting down your body's ability to make acne. This is easy to do and doesn't require any drugs.

Your acne is triggered by a few very specific things. Just like staying out of the sun prevents sunburn, when you avoid these acne triggers you prevent acne. It's that simple.

If you guessed that sugar is one of the acne triggers you're right! Most people know sugar makes you break out, even the prescription writing experts are reluctantly admitting this is true.

But what they don't know is that there are certain foods and natural supplements you can take that let you eat sugar and NOT break out. Uncovering these “sugar blockers” was one of my most exciting discoveries.

No one is telling you about these sugar blockers. Everyone else says you have to give up all those delicious sweet foods.

I don't know about you but I like to have a slice pie or a can of soda once in a while, and I'm sure as heck not going to live off twigs and berries like the other acne experts say you have to if you want clear skin... and with the Acne X Factor you don't have to.

But sugar is just one of the acne triggers you have to deal with. The others are almost completely unknown to most people.

Listen: You'll be shocked when you find out what's really making you break out.

Greedy corporations are doing everything they can to make sure you never learn the real cure for acne. With the Acne X Factor, you'll get access to the latest scientific breakthroughs for clearing up acne fast in a simple step by step plan that takes just minutes a day.

When you know these secrets your acne will start to vanish fast - most people see a major improvement in a day or two.

If all you have is a mild case of acne you could easily start the Acne X Factor on Monday and have camera-ready skin by Friday.

If you have more severe acne the results will be even more impressive...

Within a day or two you can expect to see your acne rapidly start to vanish. The burning redness that often comes with severe acne will also go away thanks to the gentle nature of the Acne X Factor.

You'll Be Left With a Beautiful Complexion and Even Skin Tone…

The Acne X Factor creates the perfect environment for healthy skin to flourish - so as your acne disappears a rejuvenation process takes place. Other methods for treating acne can punish your skin.

You've probably experienced this first hand, and know it's not fun.

The Acne X Factor is gentle on your skin.

You'll only be cleansing once a day and there's no spot treatment creams or toner because these things make your acne worse.

When you use this easy to follow system acne is gently and quickly pushed out through your pores and replaced with clear healthy skin.

As soon as you start the Acne X Factor you'll know this is what you've been searching for.

The sense of relief you'll get from finally finding something that works is hard to describe... and the thrill you'll get from watching your acne vanish right before your eyes is priceless.

Here's What You'll Get When You DOWNLOAD Everything Below:

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2 Months From Now Will You Still Be Hiding From The World Because You're Still Ashamed Of Your Acne… Or Will You Be Loving The Attention And Confidence Clear Skin Gives You?

Right now you could choose to leave this website. Maybe you feel your acne will just go away by itself, and you're willing to wait it out. Or perhaps you're skeptical about how effective the Acne X Factor really is.

If you're willing to just wait it out and let your acne run its course I don't envy your decision, and I pray your acne doesn't take years to clear up.

If you're ready to do something about your acne starting today you can download the Acne X Factor for just $27.

That's less than a one month supply of the most over-hyped acne product available, you know the one that pays celebrities millions of dollars to say nice things about their product.

I was advised not to name the product, but I'm sure a proactive person such as yourself will be able to figure it out.

I Also Want You To Have…

To make the Acne X Factor system as easy as possible you’re also getting a Quick Start guide that will show you how to start the Acne X Factor, and a Cheat Sheet that covers the most important parts of the Acne X Factor.

Because there are so many scams online I also want to put your mind at ease by giving you 60 full days to try the Acne X Factor and prove that it's everything I say it is, and if at any time during that review period, for any reason whatsoever you're not happy with the Acne X Factor here's what I insist you do:

Simply send me a single email (no explanation required) and ask for a refund.

That's it!

You won't have to speak to a single person, or even explain why you're asking for your money back. Just send a single email to the email address you'll be provided with after you order and you'll be issued a prompt refund.

I know that a small number of sneaky people will buy the Acne X Factor, get results, and still ask for a refund, but I also know this will help show you that I'm sincere and that I stand behind the Acne X Factor 100%.

Starting the Acne X Factor will never be easier than it is right now.

The longer you wait to do something the harder it gets so why not start the Acne X Factor today? When you discover the secret to Rapid Clearing, and the people around you have to look twice to see if it's really you, you'll know you made the right choice by trying the Acne X Factor.

It's not your fault you have acne, but if your acne is standing between you and the life you deserve don't you owe it to yourself to try something new?

And when that last pimple vanishes from your skin you won't just look better - you'll feel better on the inside. When you radiate that inner confidence that was kept locked away by acne people around you will notice.

If you've forgotten how good it feels to have acne free skin - it feels awesome!

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